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The range of additional support needs catered for includes pupils with physical difficulties, visual impairment and pupils who have specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  Children who cannot take part fully in the curriculum are given Individual Educational Programmes.
The authority provides the school with Additional Needs Staff who support pupils both in class and moving from class to class.
The staff of the Support for Learning department work with departments across the school to provide co-operative teaching and advice so that the needs of all pupils are being addressed.

We are able to offer some support for pupils whose first language is not English.

The Support for Learning department works closely with associated primaries, pupil support staff and with external agencies such as Psychological Services and Specialist Services support staff.
We will contact you if we are concerned about your child’s progress.  We will invite you to come to the school and meet the Pupil Support staff or senior staff as appropriate.

If you have concerns please contact the school without delay and have the matter investigated.

South Lanarkshire Education Resources have published a series of leaflets available which cover information for parents and carers about the Additional Support for Learning Acts.  These are available through the school or on the South Lanarkshire Council website  The leaflets available are:

·         The Additional Support for Learning Act
·         Requesting an Assessment
·         Planning for Learning – ASP
·         Planning for Learning – CSP
·         Transitions
·         Future Planning
·         Information for Parents and Carers about moving on from school.
·         Inclusive Education
·         ICT Assessment
·         Visual Impairment Support
·         Early Years Specialist Support
·         Independent Adjudication
For further information, Enquire is the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning.

Enquire is funded by the Scottish Government to provide information on the framework for supporting children who require additional support for learning and to encourage positive partnerships between families, schools and local authorities to ensure children get the right support.
Enquire offers independent, confidential advice and information on additional support for learning through:

Telephone Helpline: 0845 123 2303

Email Enquiry service:

Advice and information is also available at

Enquire provides a range of clear and easy-to-read guides and fact sheets including The parents’ guide to additional support for learning.
            1        If you have any matter which you would like to bring to our
                      attention or discuss with us never hesitate to ‘phone or call at the
            2        If you wish to consult a particular staff member - the Head Teacher,
                      the Depute Heads or Pupil Support Staff - ‘phone 574110 and make an 
                      appointment.  We are always pleased to meet parents.
            3        We only ‘borrow’ your children for a time and therefore consider
                      ourselves to be your partners.  The more contact there is between
                      us the greater will be the achievement of our young people
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