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Welcome to our Alumni Page.
This is designed to allow former pupil to share their successes and stories with our school community. We want to give all our former pupils the opportunity to keep in touch with us and ultimately inspire our current pupils and drive them towards success. We want them to see what can be achieved with some hard work and determination no matter what their talents are.
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Aiden Glibride

I'm doing great over here at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire and definitely feel that I’m in the best shape I've ever been during a winter season. I have one, maybe two more big races ahead of me before the end of the cross country season in mid November. Just last weekend I was lucky enough to receive the honour of Cross Country “Rookie of the Year” for my Conference which was a great bonus and I believe this was the first time a student athlete from my University has won this award.
The training is very tough, but don't get me wrong I'm reaping the benefits every day and loving every minute of my time out here. I train twice a day most days and sometime even three sessions if you include gym conditioning, which sometimes requires me to be up at 5:30 in the morning.
In New Hampshire we have recently noticed the weather changing gradually. When I arrived it was glorious sunshine pretty much all day. Now it feels cold for most of the day – (probably much the same as back home where you guys are!)The snow is on its way I’m being told and that’s okay considering we’re about to make the transition to the indoor season anyway.
I'm keeping up with all my classes and have recently decided I'm majoring in Sports Media and Sports Management. The University Campus is amazing and the facilities and support we have are incredible. I have unlimited access to physios, ice baths, massage therapists and recovery drinks and I have been lucky enough to receive lots of free “Under Armour” training clothing. If any current St Andrew’s & St Brides students were thinking about this as an option in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. You would love it.
 I am missing home and my family and really looking forward to coming back on the 16th of December for three weeks or so, where I plan to catch up with everyone I’m missing and hopefully compete at two indoor races over at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow.
There's talk from my coach here that he feels I may be better suited to further distances on the track, so watch this space. This doesn’t mean however I'm not gonna try for a sub 1.50 over 800m in 2017!!!
Can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas and I hope all my former teachers and peers at St A & St B are doing well also.



Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices