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Business and Computing Faculty


Welcome to St Andrews and St Brides Business and Computing Faculty

Faculty Staff

Computing Science
Mrs M Murphy (PTF)      Miss G McIntosh      

Business Studies
Mrs D O'Neill      Mrs H Murdoch   Mrs Archer 


Our Computing Department has two broad goals within the school: to meet the general Information Technology needs of the school community; and to provide a platform for pupils to gain technical expertise in an ever-changing subject. Increasingly pupils are called upon to use computers, networks, and electronic resources throughout their academic and non-academic lives.

The courses we offer allow our pupils to develop core transferable skills that will remain with them for life. These include analytical thinking, problem solving and the presentation of information. Pupils learn about the ever evolving trends in computing technology such as smart phones and mobile computing and are able to evaluate them and their suitability for task solving exercises.

Our lower school course is designed to cover all aspects of the broad general education as prescribed by CfE, while preparing them for National 5 Computing Science which they can choose to progress on to in S3. Pupils can then opt to continue the Computing Science course through Higher and Advanced Higher at S5 and S6 respectively.

We also offer an upper school course in Games Design and Development which is part of the National Progression Awards.

The department runs a lunchtime Games club where pupils can socialise and develop their digital skills using a range of platforms.

There is also an after school Computing Club at which pupils can develop programming skills, look at cyber security, explore robotics and many more exciting areas of Computing Science.

Our emphasis is on skills development and the application of those skills. This includes an understanding of computational thinking, computer architecture, the software development process, programming in a variety of environments and languages, the creation and use of databases, web design, animation and digital literacy.


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S1 Course Homework Sheets
S2 Course SQA Past Papers
S3 Course Wikispace
National 4 & 5 Clubs
CfE Higher  
Advanced Higher  


Pupil Area
Pupils can use the following links for revision. 

BBC Bitesize

Computing Science Revision Notes

BrightRED Revision


Literacy in Computing Science

Please find below links to various resources which are currently being used in our classrooms to support your child's development in Literacy.

Computing Glossary
What do the Command Words Mean?
Grammar Placemat
Writing Placemat
Spelling Placemat

Extra Curricular Programme


Day Time Activity
Monday Lunch BBC School Report S1-S3
Monday After School Computing Club
Tuesday  Lunch Robotics Club S1-S3
Wednesday Lunchtime Computer Games Club 


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