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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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Higher Drama

Pupils have six periods of Drama a week.

Mandatory Units – all candidates

Drama Skills - In this Unit, you will explore and develop a range of drama skills and ways of communicating thoughts and ideas to an audience. 

You will develop a range of skills as an actor.  You will learn how to respond to stimuli, including text.  You will also learn how to develop portrayal of character in a range of ways and develop knowledge and understanding of form, structure, genre and style when creating and presenting drama.

You will develop a knowledge and understanding of social and cultural influences on drama.  You will also learn how to evaluate your own progress and that of others.

Production Skills - In this Unit, pupils will develop a range of production skills.  They will use these skills to enhance drama when presenting. 

They will use problem-solving skills in order to generate ideas for presenting drama.

Course Assessment
Pupils will be assessed on each of the course elements previously listed and must pass each individual unit before they can be presented for the course award.
Pupils will sit a final Question Paper (40 marks) and an external Performance (60 marks) for National 5 and Higher.
For National 5 level, the Question Paper is in two sections:  Section one is an evaluation of practical work completed (10 marks) and Section two is based on the candidates’ responses to an unseen stimulus to develop ideas for a Drama (30 marks)
For Higher level, there will be two parts to the Question Paper: Section one requires the analysis of a selected text (20 marks) and Section two requires an analysis of a performance that the candidate has seen (20 marks)
There is no external exam for pupils being presented at National 4 – this course is entirely internally assessed.  However, pupils will be expected to participate in a Performance to complete the Added Value Unit.

S6 NPA Acting & Performance
The National Progression Award (NPA) in Acting and Performance is part of SQA’s national qualification framework in Drama. Specifically, it is one of a new suite of small NPAs which cover a range of aspects of the theatre industry.
The award is also designed to meet the needs of learners who wish to develop a foundation for progression to further study and to provide skills and knowledge appropriate to the theatre industry.
The National Progression Award in Acting and Performance consists of two NQ Units drawn from the framework of the National Certificate in Acting and Theatre Performance at SCQF level 6 (G98A 46). The award is made up of a double-credit Unit (12 SCQF points) and a single-credit Unit (6 SCQF points).


Higher Drama

Tally's Blood - Textual Analysis

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