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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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Pupils have three periods of Drama a week.

In the latter half of S3 pupils begin work on their N4 course. The course has three units, Drama Skills, Production Skills, AV unit
For Drama Skills, pupils are involved in practical workshops, exploring and investigating stimuli.  They create rehearsed improvisations and their work is evaluated and often assessed though associated written evidence eg folio, logbook, ground plan, annotated script, technical plans.

For Production Skills, pupils learn about basic production roles eg. sound, lighting, make up, costume, props and set and select two to focus on.  They then create a text analysis of a script extract, focussing on their chosen roles.  The extract is rehearsed and performed and the pupils then complete a written evaluation.

For the added value unit, pupils prepare a final production.

N5 and Higher

The course has three units, Drama Skills, Production Skills, Performance task.

All units are assessed as pass or fail by the school.  Each unit also requires pupils to self reflect and evaluate their own performance and technical skills. 

Pupils cannot pass a unit without this evidence.


Revision Materials

- National 5 Revision Booklet

N5 Performance Task & Production Skills

Performance Task Logbook