S1-3 Drama
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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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Broad General Education

S1 & S2

Pupils have one period of Drama a week.

Throughout the year, S1 pupils participate in six Drama units, allowing them to engage in.  a variety of activities centred around team work, listening to instructions and observation.  They become involved in the Drama Process, creating a short performances watched and evaluated by their peers. Pupils explore characterisations using several dramatic techniques such as hot-seating and character cards.  Using the characters they have created, the pupils then go through the Drama Process focusing on the use of Theatre Arts. As they move into S2 the course becomes more theme based integrating basic practical skills with general knowledge and understanding theory.  Pupils learn to improve their language and movement skills in terms of creating and delivering performances.  The S1 and S2 courses are mainly practical with pupils working in groups or pairs in order to meet the Level 3 CfE experiences and outcomes: Using materials, techniques, skills and media; Expressing Feelings, ideas, thoughts and solutions; Evaluating and appreciating.

Assessment is a continuous process with paramount importance placed on peer and self assessment.  Peer assessment is used as a learning tool for pupils to improve their work.  Time is then given for feedback and further rehearsals. 

Homework consists of evaluation and research and is given out when required.    


Pupils have three periods of Drama a week.

The S3 drama course is made up of 3 units, Voice, Movement/Characterisation and Theatre Arts. During this introduction to National courses more focus is placed on what the pupils have learned during S1& S2