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Welcome to the English Department.
Our English Wikispace is     sasbenglish.com
Here you will find resources and homework activities to support your child's progress in English.

All S1-S3 pupils must bring a book with them for private reading which takes place every day, in registration and in English. This is one of many strategies we have adopted to improve literacy across the curriculum and create a culture of reading which will positively impact on our young people throughout their lives. 

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one" George RR Martin


On this page you will find lots of information from the English Department including:

Department Staff

Mrs Lyon [PT]
Mrs Agnew [DHT]
Mrs Brownlie
Mr Caunter
Mrs Coulter
Mrs D’Arcy [PT Pupil Support]
Mr Graham
Mrs Higgins
Mrs Mackie
Mrs Nelson
Mr Wilkie
Miss Dickson
Mr Moffat
Mr Lennon


In the English Department we support the idea that homework is essential to the acquisition of effective language and communication skills. It provides opportunities for students to put advice and strategies presented in class room activities into practice and to become aware of their own abilities. It also encourages students to develop a more independent approach to their studies. We believe, therefore, that homework is at its most effective when tailored to the individual needs of a specific individual or teaching group and relates to the current focus of the pupils’ English lessons.

Homework Tasks

There are a range of activities which we expect pupils to do as homework:
  • reading fiction and non-fiction texts, a chapter or section of a longer text
  • planning a piece of writing
  • completing an essay/extended writing piece
  • analysis and evaluation questions
  • preparing a talk/presentation
  • researching a topic/issue


The amount of time to be spent on homework will vary according to the nature of the task and how it articulates with class work. There is no specified ‘homework day’ or prescribed  task for homework exercises; homework should always reflect the nature of teaching and learning at the time and serve to consolidate learning.


How can you support your child?

We hope that parents will take an active interest in the English work being completed at home. You can:
  • proof-read written work and offer general advice about improvements e.g. check spelling and punctuation, try to vary vocabulary, take pride in presentation…
  • encourage your child to read a good quality newspaper at least once a week and fiction/non-fiction which is challenging
  • encourage an interest in the wider world and topical issues through watching/listening to news/current affairs programmes
  • listen to a talk/presentation and offer positive feed-back

The Writers’ Club

For many years, the school has run a weekly Writers’ Club, in which interested students are free to come along and share their writing with a sympathetic audience. This lunchtime club has continued to stimulate the natural interest in written and oral expression, which we wish to engender among our young people in English. The benefits, literary, social and emotional of such an activity are immeasurable and we regularly have students loyally attending throughout their full six years at the school.

In recent years we have had some success in national competitions, having won the Scottish Book Trust’s Young Writers’ award for all of Scotland and Europe. We have also produced three of our own collections in publishing projects and enjoyed several visits from well known writers.

In recent years, the headteacher created a new prize to be awarded annually to one gifted and talented writer, and the prize was named in honour of Mrs Mary Frances Porter, who worked in the school as an English teacher for the duration of her career. The Porter Cup was, this session, awarded to Shannon Commander.

The Writers' Club continues with Mrs Higgins in Room E009 and offers an environment for creative thought and writing.