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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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THIS IS OUR FAITH is the title of the guidance which teachers in Catholic schools follow when planning and teaching programmes of Religious Education in Catholic schools in Scotland.
This leaflet HERE provides an introduction to it. Further resources will provide more detailed information about what children and young people will learn and experience within Religious Education at various stages of their schooling.

S2 Retreats to Chatlerault
In February and March our S2 pupils vsited Chatlerault in Hamilton. The aim of the retreat was to think about choices that are faced in life. A great time was had by all. Click HERE to see the pictures.

Faith Celebrations
Morning Mass will be celebrated in the school Oratory by Fr Rafael on Monday and Friday mornings between 8.20 and 8.40.  All pupils, parents and staff are invited.

S1 Retreats – During the months of August and September each Religious Education class will visit Carfin Grotto for a day of pilgrimage, with a focus on Our Lady and our journey through life. To see the pictures click HERE
Shoe Box Appeal - With all the new school shoes on show I am hoping there might still be the boxes they came in hanging around.  If anyone has an old shoe box they are throwing out could they please hand it in to room F009 in preparation for the shoe box appeal at Christmas! 
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Values (Religious Observance)
Catholic education has Christ at its centre, and our neighbour as its focus.  In St Andrew’s and St Bride’s we provide a programme centred on gospel values which contributes to the growth of faith and spirit as well as mind.  Our school community is an extension of family life and we aim to support parents as they strive to provide their children with a stable framework of values and attitudes with which to confront the pressures and problems of their daily lives. 
We aim to create a climate which nurtures faith and we celebrate that faith in our corporate acts of worship - Masses, prayers, religious services, assemblies and retreats.  Our values and our faith are communicated through personal relationships and expressed in the service of others.  We maintain an impressive Oratory, and have a pastoral team who plan liturgies and events including SCIAF activities.  Each year we have a group of pupils who participate in the .  Each year we have a group of pupils who participate in the Caritas Award. 
Pupils from S1-S5 have three periods per week devoted to Religious Moral and Citizenship Education (RMCE).  The Religious Education syllabus has been recommended by Motherwell Diocesan RE Advisers.  Our sixth year have two periods of formal RMCE with a programme of visiting speakers and consideration of topics of religious and ethical relevance.
We are delighted to have Father Bill Berget as our Chaplain; he leads us in Mass in the Oratory, which is attended voluntarily by both staff and pupils.  Our services observe the various points of focus in the religious year, such as celebrating Mass on Holy Days of Obligation, as well as masses in November for the deceased and, of course, for Advent in preparation for Christmas. To prepare for Easter we have regular services during Lent.
Our lay chaplain, Mr. John Russell, is an invaluable asset to the school in the support he provides.
Mr Russell is available to pupils, parents and staff for counselling and advice.


Caritas – ending poverty, promoting justice and restoring dignity
The CARITAS AWARD has been established by the Bishops of Scotland as one way of keeping alive the legacy of Pope Benedict’s historic visit to our country in 2010.

It takes 3 elements - Witness, Learning & Reflection - and provides a structure through which to experience, record and share the impact of these on their faith journey.

The award takes a snap-shot of a young person’s faith witness in one year but is built on the learning and reflection that (s)he has experienced over the course of time within school.  It is hoped that the award will encourage young people to recognise that they are part of a community of living faith and to consider how they can share their gifts and talents with the wider Church in the future.
The CARITAS AWARD is open to all young people in their final year of school.  Pupils of all ability levels will be able to achieve the award.  Pupils of all faiths and denominations will be welcome to join in and achieve the award. 

Each school can decide locally which pupils they would like to invite to participate.   Some schools may invite all S6 pupils to ‘sign up’; others may ask pupils to ‘apply’ to participate and others may approach individual pupils who would benefit from the experience. 
However schools decide to involve pupils, it should be noted that the award is intended to be inclusive of all pupils who meet the success criteria.

For pictures of our 2016 Caritas Award winners click HERE

Caritas Support
Student Guide on Caritas



Lord Jesus 
Thank you for all the gifts you give us
Help us to care for the world we live in
And see the goodness in it.
Give us the strength to help others
Guide us in everything we do
Lord Jesus, thank you
Who are our Saints?

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