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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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Pupils attend the department one session per week. They cook approximately every second week.  On cookery days pupils  must remember a suitable container and 50p.
The units studied are:
  • Safety and hygiene in the kitchen
  • First Aid in the kitchen
  • Weighing and measuring of food ingredients
  • The cooker

Pupils cook every second week.  They must remember a suitable container and 50p each time they cook. Remembering a container is seen as 'organisational skills' homework!
The practical activities undertaken encourage confidence in the kitchen and self efficiency.

Pupils learn through a variety of activities including practical work, discussion, individual and group work tasks and written questions.  The practical activities undertaken encourage confidence in the kitchen and self efficiency.  They also encouraging pupils to learn about the food they eat.
Some popular S1 recipes:

Truffles -
Click Here
Pitta  pizza - Click Here
Coconut cookies - Click Here



Pupils attend the department two sessions per week. They cook once per week.  It is important that all pupils remember a suitable container and 80p each time they cook.
The units studied are:
  • Food and bacteria
  • Healthy eating
  • Foods around the world

The practical activities carried out build on and consolidate skills taught in S1. Pupils develop an understanding of the importance of healthy eating and current dietary advice and the competence to make dishes at home.

Some popular S2 recipes

Cous cous salad -
Click Here
Shortbread - Click Here
Christmas cake - Click Here
Wholemeal chocolate cakes - Click Here

Health Eating Homework exersises

Health Eating - Click Here
Sugar - Click Here
Salt - Click Here
Fibre - Click Here
Fat - Click Here

Food around the World project help sheet