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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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Departmental aims
- To provide an enjoyable and stimulating language learning experience for all pupils of all ability levels.
- To develop the ability to communicate effectively in the foreign language in a variety of different contexts.
- To establish the attitudes required to promote and further the study of foreign languages.
- To develop a knowledge, tolerance and understanding of speakers of other languages around the world by raising awareness of citizenship and multi-cultural issues.
- To develop the skills of reading, writing, listening and talking in the foreign language and allow each learner to make connections between the foreign language and their own native language.
- To promote confidence in learners through a range of learning styles including collaborative work with peers as well as independent learning.
- To promote an interest in language leading to enhanced enjoyment and appreciation.
- To develop the communication and interpersonal skills of all pupils.
- To allow pupils to explore the importance of languages in the world of work.

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Department Staff

Mr J Milligan (Principal Teacher)
Mr R Burns
Miss R Lamb
Mrs A Moody
Mrs K Smith
Mrs CA Stewart



Latest News

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El Día de los Muertos

The Modern Languages department and our Mexican assistant Karen have been celebrating "El Día de los Muertos" (The Day of the Dead) this week.

Mr Burns and his S1 Spanish class made a wonderful altar and all pupils had the opportunity to have their face painted at lunchtime as part of the celebrations on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

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On Thursday 24th September we celebrated the European Day of Languages in the department. There were various fun filled activities promoting language learning and cultural diversity.

  • S1Over the course of the week S1 pupils compared Scottish and French/Spanish culture.  On the day itself their knowledge was put to the test with a class Euro quiz! 
  • S2A highlight of the day was the Flamenco show for S2 pupils by the dance group ‘Alba Flamenca’. Pupils were treated to a fantastic music and dance performance and some lucky pupils and teachers even made it on to the stage! To see the photos click here
  • S3 Some S3 classes enjoyed the French film ‘Petit Nicolas’ as part of their Media and Technology unit.
  • S4 Pupils discussed the importance of learning a language in today’s society with a focus on the world of work.
  • S5Pupils studied idioms from around the world.

Other departments joined in the celebrations too, S1 English pupils studied the use of French phrases in our own language and in Home Economics pupils made some European dishes.
Everyone had the chance to enjoy a French breakfast as the canteen had pain au chocolat and croissants on the menu!


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