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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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This course comprises of three mandatory units
1. Performing Unit - performing on two instruments at Grade 4 standard 

Performing Skills Unit
In this unit, pupils will develop performing skills on two instruments or one instrument and voice. Learners will, through practice and self-reflection, develop their technical and musical performance skills. These pieces can be presented in a solo and/or group setting.
Course Assessment - Performance
  • Pupils will be asked to prepare a performance programme on two instruments or one instrument/voice. This will be performed to an SQA Visiting Assessor.
  • The programme of music should last for 12 minutes. The performance time on either of the selected instruments, must be a minimum of four minutes.
  • The level of difficulty of the programme should be at Grade 4 or above. 
2. Composing Skills Unit - creating a folio of compositions 

Composing Skills Unit
This part of the course allows pupils to apply their understanding of music in a creative way. They will experiment and explore using composing, arranging and improvisation techniques as appropriate. They will analyse how musicians and composers create music in different ways and how music styles are shaped by social and cultural influences. This will allow pupils to create a folio of compositions across different musical genres.
Course Assessment
Compositions will be assessed internally with possible external verification.
3.  Understanding Music Unit - appreciating
Understanding Music Unit

Pupils will develop their understanding and knowledge of music concepts and literacy by listening to a wide range of musical styles and genres. They will learn how to identify the key features of certain musical styles and recognise concepts in excerpts in music. This unit all develops understanding of musical literacy.

Course Assessment
Music concepts, literacy and musical styles will be assessed by way of a 1 hour listening paper, externally marked.


Pupils will study the same 3 elements performing, composition and listening as previously studied at N6 higher level.
Course Outline
  Music with Performing N7 Advanced 
    1                Performing on two instruments, or one instrument and voice. Instrument 1: Grade 5
Instrument 2: Grade 5

2 Composing  Folio of compositions
3 Listening, including Musical Literacy 1 hour question paper
Learners will analyse sections of musical movements or works, demonstrating detailed understanding of the music.
They will also demonstrate the ability to analyse the impact of social and cultural influences on their selected music.

Advanced HIgher Induction Booklet