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NATIONAL 4/5 Courses      
Pupils will be placed into a mixed ability group from the start of S3 and will continue with the broad general curriculum and begin both National 4 and National 5 outcomes. There will be a mixture of practical activity and written tasks.
Performing and creating music will be the prominent activities for all learners.  Through these activities they develop their vocal/instrumental skills, explore different styles of music through listening and appreciating and use their imagination and skills to create musical ideas and compositions. The use of ICT will enhance compositions, performances and understanding of how music works.


Pupils should have gained some experience of performing using a variety of classroom or other instruments by the end of the second year.
Pupils will give confident performances of more technically demanding vocal and/or instrumental music, using performance directions, musical notation, and/or playing by ear.
Pupils also have the opportunity to discover, create and compose their own music
The basic rudiments of music notation is covered throughout the course in order that music reading skills are built up and then reinforced through practical work.
Pupils will learn to compose/create more sophisticated music for their chosen instrument/voice using a variety of techniques.  This may include the use of music technology/computer notation software.

Pupils also have the opportunity to discover different styles of music through listening. This is a skill which is developed with practice.
Pupils will learn to listen to a range of music and identify features and concepts.  They will give constructive comments on their own and others’ work, including the work of professionals.