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Higher Physical Education:

The main purpose of this Course is to develop and demonstrate a broad and comprehensive range of complex skills in challenging contexts. Pupils will develop the ability to use strategies to make appropriate decisions for effective performance. They will analyse their performance, looking specifically at the impact of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Social factors (MEPS), understand what is required to develop it and then apply this knowledge to their performance.
By actively participating in physical activities, pupils will demonstrate initiative, decision-making and problem-solving. They will experience a range of roles and responsibilities and this will enable them to develop their interpersonal skills. The Course also provides an opportunity to support the way individual attitudes, values and behaviours are formed as physical education contributes to social, mental and emotional development.
The main aims of the Course are to enable learners to:
• Develop a broad and comprehensive range of complex movement and performance skills, and demonstrate them safely and effectively across a range of challenging contexts.
• Select and apply skills and make informed decisions to effectively perform in physical activities.
• Analyse mental, emotional, physical and social factors (MEPS) that impact on performance.
• Understand how these Factors combine to produce an effective performance.
• Analyse and evaluate performance to enhance personal effectiveness.
There are two internal units in this course
1) Performance

2) Factors Impacting on Performance
Both of these units are internally assess on a Pass/Fail basis against SQA Criteria. A Pass in both units must be achieved in order to be presented for a course award in PE at Higher level
There are 2 parts to the course award: Performance and Exam
Performance (Internal Assessment) is worth 60 marks (50% weighting)

SQA Exam (External 2.5 hr exam) is worth 50 marks (50% weighting)
There is great emphasis placed on the practical elements of this Higher PE course so it is essential that pupils always come prepared with their PE kit when required to do so. If pupils are unable to take part due to illness or injury then a signed letter/note should be provided in order to keep pupil records up to date. These notes may be required later on if a pupils injury/condition prevented them from completing the required practical components of the course.
Also, Pupils will regularly take part in theoretical, classroom based lessons each week. Therefore, homework will be issued on a regular basis so we would ask for your support in regularly checking Homework diaries and Jotters to ensure that this element of the course is being achieved.
If you have any concerns or queries about the course or your Childs progress then please feel free to contact myself at the school.


Higher Documentation

To view the Higher Candiate Workbook click here

Course Content

What are MEPS?
How to gather data on MEPS?
Approaches on how MEPS can be developed?



This will be updated as the year progresses. 

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