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Pupil Support Team
Mr Burns (Acting) Classes: 1A,2A, 2A2, 3A,4A1, 4A2,5A,6A. Responsible for UCAS
Miss McMillan (Acting) Classes: 1B,2B,3B,4B,5B1,5B2,6B Responsible for Careers,16+
Mr Shaw Classes: 1C1,1C2,2C,3C,4C,5C,6C Responsible for Communications, Health & Well-being coordinator
Mr Ferguson Classes: 1D,2D1, 2D2,3D,4D,5D,6D Responsible for Options Programmes and Timetable Liaison, Tracking and Monitoring
Mr Agnew Classes: 1E1, 1E2, 2E,3E,4E, 5E,6E1, 6E2 Responsible for coordinating the Joint Assessment Team (JAT)
Mrs D'Arcy Classes:1F,2F,3F1,3F2,4F,5F,6F Responsible for Primary 7 liaison
Mr Dickie (Acting) Classes: 1G,2G1, 2G2,3G,4G,5G,6G Responsible for Policy & Procedures, QA Calendar, Improvement Planning, Standards and Quality reports, S6 Prom/Social/Yearbook.  

The function of the pupil support staff is to oversee the personal and academic progress of the young people placed in their charge.  There are several aspects of their work you should be aware of at this stage:

- they maintain close links with staff to enable them to update you on progress,
- they keep you informed of any issues concerning your child,
- they have clear routines for checking attendance, late coming, truancy, sick pupils and maintaining records and are your first point of contact
  with the school.
- Letters explaining absence or requiring permitted absence should be directed to the pupil support teacher 

Within RMCE all our students follow a personal and social development programme which comprises health education, careers education, moral education and work experience opportunities.  These elements are developed and co-ordinated by a series of working teams and pupil support staff play a full part in this curriculum management task.

All pupil support staff work intensively with parents and pupils at transition points when important decisions have to be made:
- the move from primary 7 to first year.
- the choice of subjects in second year.
- the move from fourth year to fifth year.
- the move from school to the world of work or further or higher educationOur senior pupils are well supported in the transition from school to the   next phase of their studies. We have:
- extensive training for UCAS (Universities and College Application Service) applicants
- support for pupils in applying for colleges out with this process
- help for those who are applying straight to employment and apprenticeships or other vocational training.
  strong support for those who leave school in S4 and S5 to ensure they have access to the best advice and access to a broad range of training     programmes.
- interview training and mock interviews from business partners. 

We are well supported in this by our Careers Advisor from Skills Development Scotland (SDS).  The annual national Schools Destination Survey indicates that we have an excellent record in placing our young people in positive and sustained destinations.

My World of Work
The promoted Pupil Support staff operate as a team and meet once per week in order to co-ordinate their activities.  They have close working links with a wide range of agencies - Skills Development Scotland, Psychological Service, Social Work Department, School Medical Service, School Attendance Officer, Police Community Branch and Community Education Service.


An important facility within the school is the Joint Assessment Team which consists of a member of the Pupil Support staff, Support for Learning Staff, Educational Psychologist, the parent and the child who is experiencing some difficulty, either of learning or behaviour and for whom extra support is appropriate.  The group meets regularly to consider how best to meet the child’s needs and allows for exchange of ideas and discussion of strategies. A representative of the Integrated Children’s Service (ICS) would also be present at these meetings.  The Integrated Children’s Services plan aims to make a positive difference for children by integrating children’s services and can be seen at www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk in the publications section.

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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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The Living Life to the Full approach (LLTTF) is one of the world’s most used ways of communicating a widely recommended type of talking therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT has been used for several decades, and research has led to it being one of the most recommended treatments for low mood and anxiety. It is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways of building well being and resilience.
To use this at home click on this link - Positive Approaches to Life - On-line support
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Secondary Transition

This years Primary Transition is well under way. We had our Transition mass for pupils and parents of Primary 7 on the 11th October followed by team building exercises on the 23rd and 30th November. We then had our first Parents Information evening on the 1st December. Many pupils have been having short visits to the school as well for Science lessons and our History teachers have been visiting primaries to deliver lessons also. 

There will be another Parents Evening for Primary 7 pupils and their parents on Tuesday 23rd May where they will be able to go round the school to see the diffferent departments as well as meet their Pupil Support teacher. They will then attend the school on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th May. They will follow a timetable over these 2 days to get an idea of life in St Andrew’s and St Bride’s High School.

To see pictures of this years Buddy Lunch click HERE
Club Arrangements Time

S1 Art Club Mr Gardner Lunchtime
S1 & S2 Homework Club Mrs McLaughlin/Mrs McCormack - Library Lunchtime
Games Club    Mrs Glen   C102 Lunchtime
S1 & S2 Homework Club   Mrs McLaughlin/Mrs McCormack - LibraryLunchtime
Oystercatcher Newspaper
www.oystercatcher.news    Mr Wilkie E004     After school


Film Club Mrs Maxwell E001 Lunchtime
Film Club Mrs Maxwell E001 Lunchtime

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What is UCAS Apply?
UCAS Apply is a secure, web-based application system, which is available 24 hours a day. It can be used anywhere where there is access to the internet, so you can fill in your application where and when it suits you. If you are applying to University in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland or Wales you must do so through UCAS.  Some Colleges and other higher education institutions are also available through UCAS.
Don’t worry! Although you may log in and out of UCAS, only Guidance Teachers are able to forward completed forms to UCAS. It is not possible for you/students to send an incomplete form to UCAS accidentally.

Guide to using UCAS Apply -
Click here

Admissions Tests
Applicants to law (at Glasgow), medicine, Oxford, Cambridge and certain other courses and institutions must take additional tests. You must book some of these on line and sit at a nearby test centre. Books are available to buy allowing you to practise such tests.  Practise is strongly advised.
Check http://www.ucas.com/students/choosingcourses/admissions/ to find out more.
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What is UCAS Apply

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UCAS Subject Reference Forms

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