S1-3 Geography
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Throughout S1-3 pupils follow what is known as the Broad General Education. During their S3 pupils will start looking at topics covered in the National 4 and 5 curriculum.

In S1 pupils look at the following during their 13 week block of Geography:

Introduction to Geography 
  • Types of Geography                                        
  • Using an Atlas                                                                                              
OS Mapping
  • Map symbols
  • Grid References (4 figure and 6 figure)
  • Latitude and Longitude 
  • Scale     

 In S2 pupils attend Geography once a week and will study:

  • Structure of the earth
  • How earthquakes happen?
  • Tsunamis
  • How Volcanoes happen?
  • Predicting, Protecting and Preparing for natural disasters
  • Lesson 1-3 Powerpoint
  • Location of Rainforests
  • Climate of a Rainforests (Climate Graphs)
  • Structure of the Rainforest
  • Animals of the Rainforest
  • Tribes of the Rainforest
  • Destruction of the Rainforest

Career Opportunities
Higher Geography is an entry requirement for University courses in Social Science, Science and Arts Faculties. Geography is a very diverse subject so graduates are highly sought after due to the variety of skills learned. Jobs with Geography include meteorology, cartography, international aid work and environmental consultancy.
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