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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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  • British: Britain 1850-1951
  • Scottish :The Era of The Great War
  • European: Russia 1888-1921

Britain 1850-1951

Click here for the BBC Bitesize page for Britain 1850-1951

This is a great resource for revising and planning essays. It is easy to use and provides clear information for you to use in your essays.


Britain 1850-1951

Why did the Liberals introduce social reforms 1906-14? - Powerpoint

How effective were the LIBERAL reforms in dealing with poverty? -  Background Powerpoint

How effective were the LIBERAL reforms in dealing with poverty? - Main Powerpoint

How effective were the LABOUR reforms in creating a welfare state? - Powerpoint

How effective were the LABOUR reforms in creating a welfare state? - Powerpoint 2

How effective were the LABOUR reforms in creating a welfare state? - Powerpoint 3 (Good for Assignment)

An evaluation of the reasons why women won greater political equality by 1928. (Votes for women) Powerpoint

Extra Notes

Examples of evaluation for Labour essay

Evaluation Powerpoint with Votes for Women examples

Did the Suffragettes help women get the vote or not? - This is really good for historiography.


Russia Revision Powerpoints - These are good for making concise, straight forward essay plans

Issue 2 - Reasons for the 1905 Revolution
Issue 3 - An assessment of the attempts to strengthen Tsarism 1905-14 (Stolypin)
Issue 4 - Reasons for the February 1917 Revolution
Issue 5 - Reasons for the success of the October 1917 Revolution.
Issue 6 - Reasons for the Red victory in the Russian Civil War 1918-21
General Essay Powerpoints

How to incorporate A+ into your essays - This powerpoint has examples of A+ for every essay and also shows exactly how you can make it fit into your essay.

Scottish Unit - Migration and Empire

Enquiry Skills Powerpoints - These are step by step guides on how to answer source questions. They also have example answers for you to use as a reference.

Evaluate the usefulness

How fully


Higher Assignment

Resource Sheet


  • Germany : From Versaillles to WW2.

Class Notes

How harsh was the Treaty of Versailles?

Strong Leader Weak Dictator

Terror and Repression of Resistance - Essay Plans

Nazi Consolidation of Power - Essay Plan

Why did the Weimar Republic fail in 1933?

Why did the Nazis become the biggest party by 1932?

Who voted Nazi?

Nazi Economy

How effective was Nazi propaganda?

Source Sections - Powerpoints

Source Section 1 - German Revolution

Source Section 2 - Political Problems

Source Section 3 - 1929-33

Source Section 5 - Volksgemeinschaft