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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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National Qualifications
  • British :The Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Scottish: The Era of the Great War
  • European and World: Hitler and Nazi Germany

Click HERE for the BBC BITESIZE link for National 4 and 5. This is a great resource that covers all the topics you have learned about in a clear and concise way.


National Qualification notes and revision

Atlantic Slave Trade - KU Notes
Atlantic Slave Trade - KU Revision Exercises

Era of the Great War - KU Notes
Era of the Great War - KU Revision Exercises

Hitler and Nazi Germany - KU Notes
Hitler and Nazi Germany - KU Revision Exercises

Exam Skills Booklet - This booklet gives a detailed guide on how to answer EVERY type of question in the National 5 course. It also provides EVERY 'describe' and 'explain' question that can be asked in the course. This is invaluable for assessment/exam preparation.

Enquiry Skills Powerpoints

Evaluate the usefulness

How fully

Atlantic Slave Trade Class Notes

Abolition KU - A powerpoint covering all abolition KU questions/areas

Impact of the Slave Trade on British Ports

Why were British ports successful?

Methods used by Abolitionists + 'Evaluate the usefulness' question

How Fully example answer - Why was it difficult to resist on a plantation?


Hitler and Nazi Germany Class Notes

Explain the reasons why the Kaiser abdicated with example answer.
S3 Homework

Mrs Hogarth - S3 Slave Auction Homework

Mrs Hogarth - S3 Conditions on Plantation Homework

Mrs Hogarth - S3 Abolition Homework

Mrs Hogarth S3 Abolition Homework 20/1/17

S4 Homework

Mrs Hogarth S4 How Fully
Mrs Hogarth S4 Explain
Mrs Hogarth S4 9 Marker