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Deus Solum Sufficet - God Alone Suffices
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Aims of the Department
The Social Subjects Department believes it has a significant contribution to make to the learning experience of the pupils in St Andrew’s and St Bride’s High School. Through our curriculum we aim to motivate and challenge pupils to enable them to achieve their fullest potential. Our department aims to equip pupils with knowledge and skills that will be of value to them throughout their lives.
We aim to encourage pupils to consider major issues, form opinions and work out values they can apply to the world around them, to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of the present day world- in terms of our society and our environment and its connections with the past, our heritage.
As a department we strive to:
  • Provide a welcoming and focused learning environment
  • Provide high quality courses which meet the learning needs of all pupils.
  • Create an ethos of achievement where all attainment is celebrated- both academic and personal.

Within our department pages you can find out lots of information including;


The Social Subjects Team
     History               Geography       Modern Studies
Mrs McNair (Faculty Head)
Mr Shaw (PT Guidance)
Mr Gordon
Mr Dickie
Mrs Hogarth

Mr McGinlay (DHT)
Mr Nelson (DHT)
Mrs Macintyre
Mr Watson
Mr Hannah
Mr McNicol

Mr Cooper
Mrs Doyle 



Social Subjects Noticeboard - Info on assessment, coursework and fieldtrip dates can be found here. 

Liverpool History Trip 2017 - Pictures

Advanced Higher Geography

Advanced Higher History

Higher Geography

Higher History

Britain 1850-1951 mock assessment will take place week beginning 19th October. This will be similar to the real exam as you will be given the choice of 3 out of 6 essays to do and must complete one. Preparation is vital!

Higher Assignment will be completed the week beginning March 21st

Higher Modern Studies

National 4 and 5 Geography

S4 - National 5 Global Issues Summative Assessment will take place week beginning October 26th.

S4 - National 5 assignment to be completed in the week beginning February 29th

National 4 and 5 History

S4 - Nazi Germany Assessment will take place the week beginning January 25th.

S4 - National 5 Assignment will be completed in the week beginning February 15th

National 4 and 5 Modern Studies

S4 - National 5 Democracy Assessment will take in the week beginning November 2nd.

S4 - National 5 Assignment will be completed in the week beginning February 22nd.

S4 - National 5 Crime and Law Unit Assessment will take place week beginning 29th February

Travel and Tourism

The Travel and Tourism field trip to Edinburgh will take place on Tuesday 15th December.

A huge thank you to Nicola Johnston and Ross McLennan (British Airways Cabin Crew) who gave a presentation to our Travel & Tourism class. Nicola was a former St Bride’s pupil who left in 2004. A link to the presentation can be found HERE

Scottish Studies

Scottish Studies Assignment due to be handed in to Mr Dickie no later than 23rd October. This is an essential piece of work that MUST be completed in order to obtain the Scottish Studies award.

Social Subjects Superstars                                                                                      

'Social Subjects Superstars' is a Pupil of the Month scheme that celebrates the success of pupils within the Social Subjects department. Every month, teachers of  S1-S3 nominate any pupils who have excelled in the department. There are no boundaries for what pupils can be nominated for. Teachers may nominate pupils based on a fantastic piece of work they have produced, getting full marks in an assessment, showing a marked improvement in class or because of the effort they have shown in their work. 

If a pupil is nominated and is successful in achieving the Superstar award, they are presented with a certificate and a badge at their year assembly.

The idea has been very well received by the pupils so far and those who have been given the award proudly display their badges on their blazers.

The names of those who won the award will be posted below and remain there for the remainder of the month until a new group of pupils are nominated the following month.

Congratulations to all who have received a nomination and the award so far!