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Design and Manufacture
The design and manufacture courses introduce learners to the multi-faceted world of Product Design and Manufacturing. The course provides a broad practical introduction to design, materials and manufacturing processes. The course also provides opportunities for learners to gain skills in designing and communicating design proposals, allows them to explore the properties and uses of materials and gives opportunities to make models and prototypes of products in the workshop.

The course is practical, exploratory and experiential in nature. It combines elements of creativity and designing for visual or aesthetic impact with a requirement to consider a products function and performance.
The course is structured by individual units, and all must be passed by the student prior to being presented at either N4 or N5 level. To be awarded an N4, the student must complete all coursework successfully and have an additional Added Value Unit.
For an N5 award, the students final grade of either A, B,C or D is determined by combining the 
Design Assignment worth 90 marks and the SQA Exam worth 60 marks.