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Higher Graphic Communication
The Higher Graphic Communication Course provides opportunities for learners to initiate and develop their own ideas graphically. It allows them to develop skills in reading and interpreting graphics produced by others and to continue to develop graphic awareness in often complex graphic situations, expanding their visual literacy.
On completing the Course, learners will be able to: initiate, develop and communicate often complex ideas graphically and with clarity; interpret often complex graphic communications initiated by others; select and use appropriate graphic communication equipment with skill and confidence, employ software and materials effectively in tasks; and apply knowledge and understanding of graphic communication standards and protocols, where these apply.
In addition, learners will have developed: graphic design skills, including creativity; an understanding of the impact of graphic communication technologies on our environment and society; graphic spatial awareness and visual literacy; and skills in constructively evaluating the effectiveness of graphic communications.


Advanced Higher Graphic
This course is valid from August 2015
The Advanced Higher Graphic Communication Course develops learners’ skills in communicating using graphic media, and in interpreting, understanding and critically evaluating graphic media created by others. Learners have opportunities to study a diverse range of graphic applications which might include business, industrial and the built environment, computer-aided work, publishing and moving graphic media.