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      What is Design &Technology and why do we need it?   


Broad General Education (S1-S3)

Both in S1 and S2 the students will follow a curriculum which is divided between 1 period per week of practical craft activities and 1 period per week of graphics.
S1 Course Outline:
S1 Design and Manufacture
  • Trinket Box (wood)
  • Design Starting Points booklet
  • Spatula (wood)
  • Design Folio(Spatula)
  • Car toy
S1 Technology
Recycling project (dependant on time and room availability)
S1 Graphics
  • Freehand sketching (isometric and oblique-including use of iso and square paper)
  • Cubes and cuboids, open boxes
  • Emphasising the outline;
  • Simple texture i.e. wood, glass concrete;
  • Pyramid, cylinder, cone and assembly.
  • Rendering 1 (2D shapes and cuboids)
  • Cubes and cuboids – pencil and colour;
  • Perspective (one and two point)
  • Cubes and cuboids.
  • Extension material – simple letter in 1pt.
  • Emphasising the outline;
  • Simple texture i.e. wood, glass and concrete.
The pupils will be introduced to a computer package called Inventor where they will initially follow instructions through a tutorial package alternating the programme with an existing programme to complete tasks. The pupils like this unit as they can experiment with shapes and textures and see their completed task as a 3D presentation.

S2 Course Outline:
S2 Design and Manufacture
Gadget holder (plastic)
Gadget holder folio
DVD Rack (wood)
S2 Technology

S2 Graphics
  • Rendering 3 (cylinders and composite forms)
  • Radio (water-based marker).
  • Technical drawing
  • 4 orthographic drawings;
  • 2 isometric drawings;
  • 2 oblique drawings.
Produce  a Gadget holder and DVD rack using Inventor package.. The pupils will experiment with shapes and textures and see their practical models as 3D presentations.